Monday, February 25, 2008

Karma and Daily Life

'Karma' has become a very popular word. For those who don't know what Karma is - it is the Hindu concept/belief that your good and bad deeds have an effect on your fate in the present birth or a later birth. This concept kind of goes well along with the concept of the 'exchange of energies' in Reiki (a healing method) - you need to return any good deeds done to you by others.

I have come to the belief that this concept is probably based on some of the core principles of universe itself. These core principles are evident in modern science. In modern science you would notice how energy would always get translated one form to another but never gets dissolved - a rock falling from a height expends potential energy and the same rock acquires kinetic energy in return - resulting in net delta of zero energy change within an universe. In a spiritual sense, I see the concept of Karma is in the same lines too - you do a bad deed (equivalent to expending bad energy) and it comes back to you to effect your fate (equivalent to the bad energy getting acquired by things that effect your own fate in return - resulting in net delta of zero karmic energy change within an universe).

I lot of people believe in this concept of 'Karma' due to reasons apart from those of mine. But, I have noticed that this belief by a lot of people is only limited to casual charity. Rarely have I seen people expand the scope of their belief into their daily life. This probably is because a lot of people seem to believe that Karma is only about 'large' bad deeds or good deeds and not about 'small ones'. Very rarely would a lot of people have a second thought on the 'small ones' - when they trouble their neighbors with high volume music or when they kill a chicken for its meat or when they give a bad time to a co-worker at office or when they deliver unworthy service to their customers. But, can the concept of Karma really be limited to 'large' deeds. Universe does have a principle that a lot of small things can add up to a large thing. So, why can't small deeds not add up a large karma? If they do, shouldn't we all take sometime to ponder if we are doing any of those small bad deeds?

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Arvinth said...

Ur point is very well taken bhai.. But there are many people who do things wrongly and hurt other people even when they think when it is wrong. Thats y our world is sill a bad place to live in bcoz of these people..