Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mercy and Meat

I have somehow not liked eating meat since childhood. I felt it ugly to kill a cute animal for only one meal. We certainly had more taster and healthy food in the world. As I grew up, I seemed to have influenced my whole family to turn to 'vegetarianism'. During my teens, I started exploring my dislike for meat and for non-vegetarian food in general. I am starting to discover spiritual implications of this.

Though I know only a little about religions apart from my own, from my readings and from my discussions with the people I met, I realize that 'Mercy', 'Kindness' and 'Charity' seem to be virtues encouraged by all religions. However, it seems so odd that so many people put a 'scope' around these virtues. Not many let the scope of 'Mercy' to include their own food! Makes me wonder if there is a sense of 'duality' in intrepreting what a virtue is (and hence my blog is titled 'adwaita', non-duality).

As funny as it might sound, I felt that some of the foods that most of us take for granted are, for lack of a better word, merci-less. May be if all of us can spare a little thought on why an animal has to make the ultimate sacrifice to feed us, may be if we could explore tastier recipes in vegetables - may be we would make our world 'truely' merciful.

Note: My apologies if anyone has got offended. Do let me know if my english concerned you or someone you know.


Sandeepan Bhattacharya said...

i appreciate ur thoughts dheeraj .. i recall a remark made by a renowned bollywood music director at a musical show that -- "being a non-vegetarian is like making ur body a 'graveyard'" -- how true! n being a veggie helps -- reduced ailments n a relatively longer life span , may be .. good effort in posting this article, dheeraj .. looking fwd to lots more!

Unknown said...

Great thoughts dheeraj. i would like to add on to this topic.In view of spiritualism,eating NON-VEG/killing animals creates a bad karma/negative energies,and would increase the number of re-births and delays Moksha/Mukti.we some times think of, that we have been good to everyone but why we are facing lot of problems or having a miserable life..then this could be the negative energies your soul have carried from past lives.meditation would reduce these negative energies slowly by creating positive energy..that is through meditation you receive positive energy or we call it as cosmic energy which is driving the entire universe.but if you are a non-vegetarian and practising meditation ..then all in vain.this will not help.As you are daily creating negative energies which might be more than creating positive energy through meditation.

Unknown said...

Great thoughts, Keerthi & Sandy! Appreciate your taking time to read this.