Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mercy and Meat

I have somehow not liked eating meat since childhood. I felt it ugly to kill a cute animal for only one meal. We certainly had more taster and healthy food in the world. As I grew up, I seemed to have influenced my whole family to turn to 'vegetarianism'. During my teens, I started exploring my dislike for meat and for non-vegetarian food in general. I am starting to discover spiritual implications of this.

Though I know only a little about religions apart from my own, from my readings and from my discussions with the people I met, I realize that 'Mercy', 'Kindness' and 'Charity' seem to be virtues encouraged by all religions. However, it seems so odd that so many people put a 'scope' around these virtues. Not many let the scope of 'Mercy' to include their own food! Makes me wonder if there is a sense of 'duality' in intrepreting what a virtue is (and hence my blog is titled 'adwaita', non-duality).

As funny as it might sound, I felt that some of the foods that most of us take for granted are, for lack of a better word, merci-less. May be if all of us can spare a little thought on why an animal has to make the ultimate sacrifice to feed us, may be if we could explore tastier recipes in vegetables - may be we would make our world 'truely' merciful.

Note: My apologies if anyone has got offended. Do let me know if my english concerned you or someone you know.
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