Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spirituality and Intelligence

A lot many times, I have come across wrong arguments that Spirituality is only for old people who have nothing better to do. In fact, if you really think of it, Spirituality is for all intelligent people. We consider someone intelligent if he/she thinks beyond the immediate term and into a longer term. There are examples of this in our day to day life - You ask someone to do some work for you and he does that in a manner that benefits some other task of the future. We consider such acts as intelligent. There are also prominent examples of visionaries (vision is nothing but a manifestation of intelligence) - Think about Dhirubhai Ambani. When he started a ployester trading business not many people imagined the hug potential and size of busines through backward integration right upto establishing refinaries. Now, if we consider all this as intelligence, what should we consider such people who are looking beyond a lifetime and into multiple lifetimes. Thats spirituality. To me, it is about being supremely intelligent. Doing yourself a favor by caring for your multiple lifetimes. Even if you dont believe in re-birth, you care about what you can carry to heaven with you.

This brings us to another interesting aspect - if we define spirituality as the above, then what sort of actions can be considered spiritual? What actions could benefit us for multiple lifetimes? Among such actions what are a higher priority than the others? To answer this we need to understand what sort of things permeate beyond a lifetime - such things are obviously not physical in nature but are metaphyisical in nature. They are called energies. Good energies. These good energies follow you and benefit you beyond lifetime. A word that is gaining popularity beyond the Hindu religon for this is 'Karma'. How do we generate these good energies? Obviously it should start from doing something good / beneficial. The priority for generating such good energies starts from oneself, extends to your immediate familyand ultimately to the world. It starts from being good to yourself (health, career, finance, etc), being good to your family (love and affection, securing the family, etc) and ultimately to being good to the world (doing charity, releasing good vibes through meditation, 'havan', not killing innocent animals for food, etc and even by creating good environment at your workplace - workplace is the place where most of us spend a majority of our time, this is probably the best place to start being good - avoid discrimination, avoid deceit, be honest in your efforts, mentor juniors, be fair in competing with other businesses - think about channeling the competitive energies to greater good of the customer rather than towards perception manipulation).

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