Friday, February 19, 2010

Industries and Human Evolution

As a species, we have evolved a lot over other species. We use more complex tools than any other species on the planet. And we continue to invent more and more complex tools to help us do things more efficiently. We are evolving into a super efficient species. A carpenter in medieval ages might have taken a certain amount of time to build a certain furniture. Today tool-trained carpenters can do the same certain furniture in a fraction of that time. I could notice how efficient today's tools are as I see some of the TV series that focus on home improvements in a short time span. Everything from small things to big things are more efficiently done by humans today. Driving a nail into a wall needed couple of knocks on the nail earlier. Today that is done through a nail-gun. Getting flat wood would have needed a lot of effort in the olden times. Today flat wood is made my machines (ply wood). Everything is becoming more and more efficient.

These improvements in efficiency happened over a period of time. There will be more improvements to come in the future. Ultimately we will probably end up being super efficient on almost all things. Machines will probably start building machines to build other machines. Travel will probably be not necessary at all. What I see with all this is the share of the economy that some of the industries occupy today will be changed. It happened earlier too. Compare the primary professions/industries of our grand fathers to the professions/industries of our generation.

I think the key industries that would prosper and continue to provide employment are such industries that service needs that humans will need no matter how evolved we become. These I think will be the industries that help the unhealthy and provide efficient access to food. Guess what these industries are - healthcare and retail! I feel lucky to be in one of them!